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Burlington Free Press: Hobby Turns Into Career

Hobby Turns Into Career For Colchester Man; August 11, 2010 “Colchester business Eye and I Glass is celebrating 10 years in business. Eric Nelson, 38, runs it out of his home. He’s a nationally recognized glass artist with a line of jewelry in 50 galleries. We spoke with him on Aug. 5…” (Click here to […]

The Colchester Sun: Colchester’s Chronicler

Colchester’s Chronicler; October 18, 2007 “We spent a night in Lititz (a charming village settled by the Moravians more than two centuries ago) and while strolling the streets, came upon a shop called ‘The North Star of Lititz.’ After admiring some of their glass jewelry, I was told the designer was from Vermont and, when […]

Glass Line: How To Build A Star Shaped Murrine

How To Build A Star Shaped Murrine Cane Using An Optic Mold In the August 2007 Glass Line magazine article seen below, I demonstrate the challenging technique of building a traditional star-shaped murrine cane. (To download this article in legible quality PDF format [2.2mb], please click here)

The Colchester Sun: Open Studio

Open Studio: Glass art and more; May 25, 2006 “Eric Nelson knows how to make magic – or at least, how to create something beautiful with nothing more than a stick of glass and blowtorch. Nelson is a glass artist who built his own studio behind his Porters Point home…” (Click here to read more…)

LIVIN’ The Vermont Way

Breaking Glass; September|October, 2005 “His jewelry making technique evolved out of ‘recycling’ shards of finished glass pieces that had broken for one reason or another. Because the glass pieces were usually created from a small section of a larger work, the design and patterns would be unintentional, yet appealing for their uniqueness…” (Click here to […]