Memorial Glass

These palm “stones” and pendants were created as memorials for friends and family who have lost a loved one. With a very small portion of the ashes I am able to make many keepsake pieces that will invoke memories and last many lifetimes over. Working with the ashes is always a profound experience – as they are heated and encapsulated carbon dioxide and oxygen begin the “rise” from the ashes and trap inside the glass, almost as if the organic elements of life were escaping to rejoin the earth’s atmosphere. Some of the photos you see contain the ashes of my grandfather. Having one of these palm “stones” available to me for meditation and contemplation has been very soothing. I have also made small, more traditional-style glass cabochons containing ashes to set into fine metal jewelry in conjunction with a local jeweler. There are photos of the un-mounted cabochons as well as the finished jewelry pieces for reference.

2018 Memorial Glass

I was approached recently by a local woman who had seen some of my other memorial glasswork via my website and was interested in getting some cabochons made for herself and her sisters-in-law to commemorate their mother and father-in-law who connected them all into one family.

This was a very special and moving project to work on. It was the first time I had combined ashes and also the first time to work on such small scale. The cabochons measure roughly 5/16” tall by ½” wide and are layered with clear glass, then ashes and then a colored bottom. The pink one is a double-flat cabochon with ash trapped in the middle.

The fine jewelry pieces were created and assembled by Doug at Fire and Metal Goldsmith in Burlington, VT and the end result is stunning! Please contact me if you’d like to inquire about working on a memorial glass project at any time.