Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between “small,” “large” and “extra large” size? I don’t use any sort of sizing tool, chart, or measure to determine size. I strive to make the differentiation between sizes as fair as possible, but at some point a decision needs to be made if it is one or the other.

How can I tell the difference between these sizes when my order arrives? There are three sizes of cards that my jewelry comes shipped on, which correspond to the small, large and extra large price category pieces for the earrings and necklaces.

How can I order Neckwires over the phone? For single-chip pendants I can quickly describe what I have in stock over the phone. For multi-chip neckwires specifying multi-colored or a color theme works well.

Why are some of the circles series glass pieces larger than others? Because the circles are cut from hand-pulled tubing, the size may vary slightly but the wholesale cost for earrings stays the same.

Why is the jewelry shipped in so many plastic bags? For cleanliness and protection of the jewelry. Each finished piece is carded and bagged. This prevents the glass from being scratched during storage or handling. For small French hooks and necklaces, I recommend opening the top zip of the bag and then ripping the bag along one of the side seams to avoid damaging the jewelry card. Necklaces come with a small 1″ square plastic bag containing a paper anti-tarnish square that the chain can be slipped into and taped to the back of the card for display in your gallery.

What is the best way to display Eye And I Glass jewelry? The majority of retailers leave the jewelry on the card and display it either flat, leaned against a prop, pinned to a vertical surface, hole-punched to be put on a wood peg, or on “spinner racks” which the cards adapt to with the addition of an adhesive plastic tab on the back. Funky or interesting wooden or ceramic bowls filled with white rice or small lentils also make a colorful and easy way to prop up a grouping of the display cards with my jewelry work on them, especially for countertop displays of brooches or barrettes. Some retailers choose to take the jewelry off the cards and display it pinned inside of a horizontal jewelry case or spread out on velvet display props or a natural medium such as white rice, black beans or brown lentils in an artful arrangement.

How do I order? Most customers prefer to call on the phone and discuss the order they would like to place. Some prefer to send me an email with requests for certain colors or amounts. I guarantee that you will sell my work! I do this by accepting any unsold items for full credit with any new order.

What are the terms? Your first order is payable in advance by credit card or pro forma check. Payment for your second order is due upon receipt of merchandise. Subsequent orders will be extended net 30 terms upon request. Minimum order is $150.

How much is shipping cost? For most orders the shipping cost is $5.00. Larger or heavier orders will cost more. I recycle all the packaging materials that come with my own supplies to keep the cost to my customers low. I always ship USPS Priority mail unless otherwise requested.

What is your turnaround time? Usually within 1-2 weeks of placing order I can ship. Sometimes I can ship the same day or next day for small orders.

How do I order “occasional inventory?” Either in person during a sales call visit or as “pickbox” items at a trade show. Otherwise just ask me over the phone and we will figure out together what the best plan for your order is.

How much of each item should I order? Should I just get one or two of each item to see what works best? No. Decide what you like. Start simple – earrings and necklaces, earrings and barrettes, accessories only, neckwires only. Let me help you choose an opening order that will be attractive and generate sales quickly.

What happens if I order different types of jewelry and some pieces sell well but others don’t? You tried barrettes/necklaces/etc. and they just didn’t sell as quickly as earrings. Send them back to me for credit, put in a new order for what sells and get your inventory moving!